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The Bond Appetit Podcast interview

June 10th, 2015 | no comments

Maximizing investment benefits, USA Real Estate, Living to Eat, Bulletproof coffee, and Sustaining your Focus


Top Brisbane chef and entrepreneur Ronsley Vaz recently interviewed me for his show the Bond Appetit Podcast. Ronsley asked me questions about how America Property Source began, my relationship with food and how I make everything come together.

Check out the interview by clicking the “play” icon below.



Things that we talk about in this episode

  • America Property Source born 2010
  • Food in Abundance
  • Living to Eat
  • How a Love story led to John’s career destiny
  • 2008 economic crash
  • Real estate development
  • 6 month visa spent exercising
  • Differences between America and Australian
  • Why you should live in a new country and learn about a new culture
  • Foreign bailouts
  • Teams of property managers, bankers, insurance agents, and tax experts
  • Maximize the benefits of investment
  • How real estate is a team sport
  • Track records for business
  • Australians to invest safely in USA Real Estate
  • Why this isn’t for everyone
  • Importance of the age range 35-45
  • Payday loans and Predatory lending
  • Differences in fiscal policies
  • Understanding the market and business from the inside-out
  • Food for fuel
  • Sustaining your focus
  • Get excited about dinner
  • Bulletproof coffee

You will find more show notes here –

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Enjoy the Show!

John Carney



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