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John Williams

“I was fortunate enough to meet John Carney several years ago and we quickly built up a strong rapport and friendship.  Shortly thereafter, we developed a pipeline to sell US Real Estate to Australian investors to capitalize on the current market conditions.  We have since then completed hundreds of transactions in the single family residence and multifamily arena, and John has been instrumental in all aspects of our business including the acquisition, management, leasing and sales of our assets.  He also personally invests in the US Real Estate market.    All too seldom in this business do I rarely find someone that not only has the work ethic, brains and initiative,  but most importantly has the loyalty and integrity that sums up John Carney.  I would consider him one of the pillars of my success over the last few years.  Not only have I developed a strong business relationship with John, but I have gained a friend for life.  If you are thinking about becoming successful in any part of your life or business, I would highly recommend that you include John Carney in your sphere of influence.  He is truly someone that you want on your team and I am so honored to have him on mine!”

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