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Brice May

May 9th, 2015 | Comments Off on Brice May

“I had the pleasure to work alongside John for 9 years while he was a member of the Vail Ski Patrol (2000-2009). Not only did John personally exemplify the skill set of a professional ski patroller, he brought a whole new approach to how we hire and train our staff.

John recognized that our training program needed an overhaul and approached management with a new program specifically focused on both the raising the skill set of patrollers faster and also developing a more positive team culture. This shift in our training paradigm immediately created the needed change – now, 6 years later, we have minimal turnover, a more balanced staff, and a culture of support, teamwork, and engagement we had never experienced in the past.

I was sorry to see John leave yet I am happy to report that his legacy lives on. Vail Ski Patrol is recognized as one of the top patrols in the industry. Our training is efficient; our teamwork exemplary, and our guest service has never stronger.”

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