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JC 095: Investment Tribe Partnership with Travis Smith

July 23rd, 2020 | no comments

Find Your Tribe + Build Your Wealth.

With a strong background in financial services, Travis launched Tribevest after a rocky start at getting into real estate investment with his brothers.

Tribevest began when five relatives decided to pool their resources by each saving $500 a month to invest. The agreement was fruitful! They were able to purchase investment properties, become partners in a physician’s practice, and even purchased a prize-winning racehorse. Travis leveraged their success and his leadership experience to help others. Tribevest was created to streamline financial collaboration among groups (tribes) and continues to evolve as the more tribes use the platform.

Travis Smith joins John Carney today in The Real Estate Locker Room to discuss the benefit of finding your tribe.

Key Points:

  1. Find your tribe, pull capital and get into the real estate game.
  2. Resilience is the most valuable attribute in life, business and sports. Be willing to be humble, swallow your pride and you will learn.
  3. Tribevest is a group operating system that allows for transparency and accountability for investors.
  4. “More important than the rules are the rules upfront.”
  5. How to minimize risk? Your tribe will lessen the risk, multiply your capital and increases your chances of being successful.

Favorite Sport:

  • Basketball

Favorite Athlete:

  • Lebron James

Favorite Books:

Pro tip:

  • Write down three gratitude’s, visualize, journal and meditate every morning.

Reach Out to Travis Smith

Thank you Travis for taking the time to share how a tribe will lead you to financial success.

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