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JC 069: Get Off the Sidelines with Raphael Vargas

June 19th, 2019 | no comments

Succeeding with Speed, Technology, & Transparency

Raphael Vargas is a mentor, educator and speaker who empowers others to grow leads, close deals, flip contracts, expand to new areas, and build real estate businesses to create more wealth and freedom. Raphael and his team work together to buy and flip commercial and residential properties in one of the most competitive markets in the country (Washington, D.C.). Closing deals that average around $67K net profit and using his unique business model, Raphael’s team is on track to hit $10M annual revenue in 2019.

Raphael Vargas joins John Carney today in The Real Estate Locker Room to Share his personal journey to empowering new leaders and building a successful business.

Five Key Points:

  1. You need get off the sidelines and do it yourself. The key to hiring other people is that you understand the process so well yourself that you are able to communicate it and replicate it.
  2. Hire an acquisition person to make cold calls/take calls from homeowners. Then have your employee sign the homeowner while they are still on the phone.
  3. Compare property prices to what is selling in the area. Find out what the investors are paying, evaluate, and make the offer to the investor.
  4. Speed and transparency is the key to his success. People want simplicity. 80%-85% of his business is done over the phone/digitally.
  5. To scale the company, you need to bring in more people. To bring in more people, you need to have a strong culture. To have a strong culture, you have to be a strong leader. From there you create strong leaders on your team.

Favorite Sports:

  • Soccer

Favorite Athlete:

Favorite Books:

Pro tips:

  • Don’t stay small. Expand!
  • Invest in mentors and consultants.

Resources Mentioned:


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Thank you Raphael Vargas for taking the time to share your unique sales process, business model and leadership skills with the audience.

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