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JC 094: Open Door Capital with Jens Nielsen

July 8th, 2020 | no comments

Return on Your Investment with Multifamily Syndication.

Originally from Denmark, Jens Nielsen has lived in the United States since 1996. After a successful career in telecommunications and IT, Jens shifted his focus from being an employee to becoming an entrepreneur. He was attracted to multifamily real estate due to the many benefits and began investing in his home state of Colorado where he is currently the key principal of an 82-unit apartment portfolio.


After achieving success as a Limited Partner (LP), Jens decided to raise money as the General Partner (GP) in real estate syndication and raised over $1M in 2019 alone. He has passively invested in 14 real estate syndications / private investments that include over 800 apartment units, 2,000 mobile park lots and over 6000 storage units as well as mortgage note funds and private money lending. Jens mission is to help more people invest in private placements for the strong cash flow and equity growth. His company’s mission is to “Open Doors to your secure financial future through multifamily investing.”

Jens Nielsen joins John Carney today in The Real Estate Locker Room to talk about the real estate syndication process.

Key Points:

  1. Attend industry events to grow your business.
  2. Network! Meet people who have similar goals. Real estate is a social business.
  3. Create a partnership; decide on the allocation of duties with the goal of generating profit.
  4. Syndication is a good way to receive tax benefits, deductions, and it’s a good way to break into the real estate market.

Favorite Sport:

  • Cycling – Road biking and mountain biking.

Favorite Books:

Pro tip:

  • Business: Spend some time doing things that will help get your business moving forward instead of reacting.
  • Cycling: Hours of training.

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Thank you Jens for taking the time to share your syndication and networking experience with the audience.

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