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JC 38: “Why” Equals Cash Flow with Clayton Morris

February 7th, 2018 | no comments

Discover your “Why” first and cash will flow 

The Real Estate Locker Room Show with John Carney EP 038Clayton Morris is a former weekend anchor for the Fox News Channel’s popular FOX & Friends. He exited the news game and founded Morris Invest, a company that helps people discover financial freedom through cash flow real estate investments.

Clayton believes people should only run the rat race for a limited time and that they should eventually enjoy more time with their family and friends. With this goal in mind, Clayton methodically built a cash flow real estate portfolio while working as news anchor. In time it grew big enough for the cash flow to work it’s magic so that he could quit his “day job” and live free of the time restraints imposed by corporate America.

In this episode, Clayton shares how he pivoted from the news industry to the real estate business. He explains the actions taken to ensure a smooth transition and the positive changes that he noticed after leaving FOX NEWS. Clayton shares his tips on hiring the perfect property manager, how to manage them with guidelines and why he prefers a blend of B and C properties in his portfolio.

Five Key Points:

  1. Cash flow will be reduced if you’re working with the wrong people.
  2. It’s a problem if a property manager is spending more time online than they are leasing properties,
  3. Software is useless if the property is vacant.
  4. People don’t like to be nitpicked and micromanaged. If there are specific things you want someone else to do, you should try doing it yourself first.
  5. Money flows; it’s not something you hold on to.


Favorite Athlete:

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Pro tip:

  • Be focused on one thing at a time and be ready to say no to distractions.

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Thank you Clayton for taking the time to share your expertise on building a successful real estate portfolio with good cash flow.

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