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JC 030: Raising Money and Crowdfunding with Amy Wan

November 1st, 2017 | no comments
How to raise funds to pursue large real estate investments 

Amy Wan is the Founder & CEO of Bootstrap Legal, a business that automates the drafting of legal paperwork for real estate private equity, syndication, and crowdfunding deals. Prior to founding Bootstrap Legal, Amy was a partner at Crowdfunding Lawyers and General Counsel at Patch of Land a real estate marketplace lending and crowdfunding platform. Amy was also named one of the Top 10 Women to watch in Legal Tech by the American Bar Association Journal and was nominated for Corporate Counsel of the Year Award by LA Business Journal.

Amy founded Bootstrap Legal as a means to fill the gap in accessibility to legal services. Her company aims to make it more affordable for aspiring entrepreneurs who don’t have a trust fund or roll with the rich crowd to prepare the necessary paperwork. Their services apply artificial intelligence to the drafting of legal documents for those looking to raise capital – especially those looking to get into real estate.

Five Key Points:

  1. Money is universally translatable and universally respected.
  2. An accredited investor is basically a “wealthy person” who has money to lose.
  3. Whenever you are selling a security, you always want to disclose everything.
  4. Disclosure is important because the SEC doesn’t care what you sell. What they do care about is giving investors all the information they need.
  5. Lawyers are good investments for real estate investors. They draft documents to protect clients like you.


Favorite Athlete:

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Pro tip:

  • Lean on your network of family and friends, and people who support you and believe in you.

Reach Out to Amy Wan:

Thank you Amy for taking the time to share your expertise on real estate syndication with us.

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