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JC 074: The World’s 1st Landlord Scientist: Al Williamson

September 4th, 2019 | no comments

Make a Difference in Your Community

Al Williamson is a professional engineer, full-time real estate investor and the author of several real estate books. His real estate investing career began in 1996 and Al best known for publicly documenting his quest to create enough secondary income streams to cover the 1st mortgage of his eight-unit apartment building (which he accomplished in September 2015). Al is a proud family man who now spends his day managing and expanding his corporate housing business in Sacramento, California.

Al Williamson joins John Carney today in The Real Estate Locker Room to unpack how to invest in your community.

Five Key Points:

  1. Exercise leadership over a troubled neighborhood. Take an active approach to invest your time, experience and money into the community.
  2. It takes about two years for a difference to be seen in a community. You will make great things happen if you focus on connecting the dots for a specific need and are consistent.
  3. The size of your portfolio doesn’t matter as much as the amount of your net income.
  4. Learn how to increase the net income of your rental property in ways other than annual rent increases.
  5. Experiment and try new things. Make mistakes and learn from them.

Actionable Items:

    1. Use one internet account to blanket the whole property with a fiber optic network. It creates savings for everyone.
    2. Storage on your property can be made available to both tenants and non-tenants.
    3. Add bio friendly wastewater treatment products to break up clogs and that preventative measures to your plumbing.

Favorite Sports:

  • Gymnastics

Favorite Athlete:

  • Jackie Robinson

Favorite Books:

Pro tip:

  • If you’re interested in working at a higher level, network your way to a higher level of friends.

Resources Mentioned:

  • Think Up (app)

Reach Out to Al Williamson

Thank you Al Williamson for taking the time to discuss community leadership and thinking outside the box with the audience.

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JC 060: Have a vision that excites you with Mark Dolfini

February 13th, 2019 | no comments

How to run a real estate business like a landlord. 

Mark Dolfini is a veteran of the U.S. Marines, author, and the Founder and Head Coach of Landlord Coach, LLC. Landlord Coach is a coaching company that aims to help those in rental real estate management unleash their true entrepreneurial potential. As a real estate investor, Mark specializes in property management, property maintenance, and home and apartment leasing.

Mark Dolfini joins John Carney today in The Real Estate Locker Room to discuss how to manage your business like a landlord. He shares his military background, how he found his entrepreneurial spirit, and how he transitioned into real estate. He explains how his company works, their VIP business structure, and their goal with each client. Mark also gives excellent advice regarding motivation, overcoming hurdles, finding your business focus, and management.

Five Key Points:

  1. Learn to delegate, but not abdicate. Turning over something you’re not good at doesn’t mean you need to be hands off.
  2. A military work ethic translates very well into the civilian sector.
  3. Real estate can be a very distracting business. Don’t be a business that does everything, but nothing well. Find an area of specialization.
  4. Think big and visualize goals that excite you to stay focused and motivated.
  5. Arm yourself mentally for success – the battle for becoming successful is all in your mind.

Favorite Sports:

  • Baseball
  • Football

Favorite Athlete:

Favorite Book:

Pro tip:

  • Put a value on your time. If you’re doing too many activities or tasks that don’t measure up to that value, find a way to more efficiently complete those tasks or eliminate them entirely.

Resources Mentioned:

Reach Out to Mark Dolfini:

Thank you Mark for taking the time to teach the audience how to run their business like a landlord.

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JC 019: $400 million dollars of development in 18 months with Tom Charek

August 2nd, 2017 | 2 comments
Accelerate your success with a team who complements your strengths

The Real Estate Locker Room Show with John Carney EP 019Tom Charek offers his clients the knockout combination of his experience as a large-scale commercial builder and his training as an engineer. Tom is no stranger to large-scale projects and completed $400 million dollars of development in 18 months with the Geis Companies in Cleveland, Ohio.

Tom combines his experience on the construction and project management side of a deal with his knowledge of business structure and finance to deliver a total package to his clients who invest in a range of development from apartment buildings to hotels to office buildings. Tom will tell you if a deal is bad early on so that you don’t waste time and money and you can keep moving forward.

The three questions that you must ask when evaluating a development opportunity are:

1) is the land good?

2) is the city good?

3) is it easy to build?

Tom entered the real estate investing game when he was looking to own his first home. He fixed and flipped his way to success by purchasing and renovating a tri-plex, collecting the rent, managing the property and exiting for a profit. A few years of hard work and hustle will pay off if you are willing to make sacrifices and self-manage your investment properties.

Many investors hold onto properties for too long. Tom recommends selling an investment property after you renovate so that you maximize the improvement value and you do not have to spend time, effort and money a second time. Trends change so plan your exit and renovations accordingly.

Tom encourages investors to study their local market and determine where for the same rental rate you can purchase or build for the lowest cost.

5 Key Points

  • Say “yes” to opportunity
  • Know the rental rates for your product type. You want to invest / build where rental rates are high and costs are lower
  • When starting out, self managing your investment properties will keep you accountable
  • Maximize the improvement value of your investment buy not holding it for any longer than three years after you renovate
  • Surround yourself with a team of people who complement your strengths

Favorite athlete: Kevin Love – NBA player

Favorite book(s):

Bringing Out the Best in People by Aubrey Daniels

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey

Tom trains for success by reading for 2 hours daily. Reading and gaining more knowledge is the key to gaining the advantage in business / life.

Thank you Tom for taking some time out to share your business insights with us.

You may connect with Tom Charek direct on LinkedIn or you can reach Tom at Pride One Construction and “like” Pride One of Facebook,

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