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JC 103: Infill Development with Jason Javer

November 25th, 2020 | no comments

Getting in the Zone.

Jason Javer is a native New Yorker and graduate of the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan with a degree in finance. Jason began his career at a private equity company that invested in Chicago real estate. This experience provided Jason with the foundation required for success in the real estate investment and development game as a real estate entrepreneur.

Jason targets infill development sites in Charlotte, NC and applies his experience as a financial analyst to source and underwrite his development opportunities. As a member of the thriving Charlotte community, Jason enjoys his time at the office and out on the golf course with friends.

Jason Javer joins John Carney today in The Real Estate Locker Room to talk about the competitive real estate game.

Key Points:

  1. Infill development: development near an urban core.
  2. Understanding local zoning is key.
  3. You are going to get knocked down. Get up and keep improving.
  4. Be a leader. You’re managing the people around you and they are looking to you.
  5. Find something to specialize in, “your edge”, where you add value in the process.

Favorite Sports:

  • Basketball

Favorite Athlete:

  • Michael Jordan

Favorite Books:

Pro tips:

  • Consume information, find your niche / something you enjoy/where you can add value and take action.
  • Lean on your strengths & attack your weaknesses.

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Thank you, Jason Javer for taking the time to share infill development with the audience.

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