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JC 040: Cash Flow, Deals & Partnerships with Joe Orlandini

February 28th, 2018 | no comments

Accelerate your business with the perfect partner

Joe Orlandini is a founder and partner of J&J Real Estate Holdings. J&J is a Phoenix-based, owner-operated, real estate investment company, specializing in long-term cash flow properties.

They acquire and manage single-family homes, apartment buildings and mobile home parks. Through proven acquisition strategies and sound management, J&J locates and transforms undervalued and distressed properties into rehabilitated assets, generating recurring income for its partners.

Joe first learned about real estate from his father who was an investor in Phoenix and East Los Angeles. Much of his youth was spent alongside his dad where he got to experience what it was like to be a real estate investor as well as the hard work required to be successful.

Prior to cofounding J&J Real Estate, Joe worked for a national property management company where he learned the skills to implement strategic capital investments, increase income from rent and how to reduce operational expenses when operating investment properties.

In this episode, Joe talks about why partnering is critical when growing a real estate business. He cites many of the reasons why partnering is mutually beneficial, as well as how fast a business can accelerate with the right partner(s). Joe shares his business goals and strategies, and explains why J&J pivoted from single to multi-family properties and eventually focused on mobile home parks.

Tips for Finding the Right Partner in Business:

  • Find a partner who operates in the business you want to work in.
  • Be patient with the person you choose to partner with.
  • The best partners are someone you can learn from.

Five Key Points:

  1. Keeping yourself grounded to the principles that helped you get started will ultimately keep you on track for success.
  2. If you’re not paying attention to your smallest details, then larger details will also go unnoticed.
  3. Stay motivated and keep hustling.
  4. If you’re happy in your life and stay positive, it will pay dividends.
  5. Finding a partner is one of the biggest decisions you will make as you grow as an investor.

Favorite Sports:

  • Basketball, Football, and Working Out

Favorite Athlete:

Favorite books:

Pro tip:

  • There is no shortcut to success in real estate. Nothing beats hard work, experience, and putting in the time.

Reach Out to Joe Orlandini:

Thank you Joe for taking the time to share your success story and advice on how to find the right partner to grow your real estate business.

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