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JC 097: Black Belt Wealth with Damion Lupo

August 26th, 2020 | no comments

Commit to The Big Vision.

Born with an entrepreneurial spirit Damion started his first business at age 11, (even hiring his parents for logistics support). Over the last quarter century he’s started and owned more than 50 different companies including an insurance agency, precious metals firms, a venture capital company, a coaching and consulting firm, and more than a dozen real estate investment and development companies. Damion is a martial artist who holds three black belts and is the founder of Yokido ™, a martial art practice that he developed.

Damion is a sought-after financial consultant for high-profile private clients. He leverages his vast depth of knowledge on financial markets, money psychology and unconscious pattern motivation to quickly assess hidden financial cancers and holistically heal his clients (and their organizations) through awareness, empowerment and vision development.

Damion’s personal philosophy centers on Self-Responsibility and a conviction that the only path to freedom is through candor, growth and a big vision. The big vision ideal is what drove him to narrow the focus on the Retirement System and teach about the eQRP®, a tool to design retirement vs. getting destroyed by it.

Today Damion works with change agents to Disrupt Wall Street’s manipulative system of enriching itself at the expense of its client. He’s on a mission to Empower Main Street through tools and teachings of financial transformation. His overriding mission is to elevate humanity’s power and control over their life by reducing complexity and creating a simple and transparent conversation around money and investing.

Damion Lupo joins John Carney today in The Real Estate Locker Room to discuss discipline in your everyday life.

Key Points:

  1. Trials add “scar tissue” but that’s what makes you better.
  2. “Success stories” are a pile of failures that are stepping-stones to deeper mastery.
  3. You must allow seasons to happen. Don’t add pressure to things or they will break. Go with the flow.
  4. If you do the work, you get to the other side. But you have to do the work!
  5. Wealth is a choice.

Favorite Sport:

  • Martial Arts

Favorite Books:

 Pro tip:

  • Learn how to be present. The more present you are, the more powerful you are.
  • Start your day with gratitude.

Resources Mentioned:

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Thank you, Damion Lupo for taking the time to share how discipline and hard work impacts everyday life with the audience.

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