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JC 049: The Competitive Lender with Lindee Flater

August 8th, 2018 | no comments

Exploring the Intersection of Sports and Business

Lindee Flater was born competitive. In this episode, we go behind the scenes with Lindee to understand a typical, commercial loan transaction. She explains how lenders are conservative by nature and how you have to look at every deal from both the lender and borrower’s viewpoint. Lindee also shares her experience running a single-family, fix and flip business and how it helpers her better service her clients in the financial industry.

Lindee prides herself on always being in the mood to compete. Being competitive is something she was born to do and was a four-sport athlete during school. Her fierceness on the field transitioned to her profession in commercial lending with a work ethic and determination to deliver results.

Lindee is the Director of Lender Relations at Pinnacle Financial Group, Inc, a business that provides a full range of receivable management services for the commercial and consumer marketplace. Lindee has fifteen years of experience working with investors, developers, and institutional capital sources. She holds a B.A. in Finance from the University of Northern Iowa with a focus on Real Estate.

Five Key Points:

  1. The biggest hurdle a borrower has is realistic expectations.
  2. Educating borrowers from day one makes the transaction run smoother.
  3. You have to know both sides: Understand where the market is on rent and know where the market is on sales.
  4. Establishing a daily routine helps with work-life balance.
  5. The more disciplined you are with your routine, the more free time you will have in your life.

Favorite Athletes:

  • Michael Jordan, Chicago Bulls Superstar

Favorite Sports:

  • Volleyball, Track & Field, Basketball, Softball

Pro tip:

  • Real estate is an instinct game. It’s not science, it’s an art. Never doubt yourself and go after it.

Reach Out to Lindee Flater:

Thank you Lindee for taking the time to share your expert advice on facilitating lending transactions.

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