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JC 098: Taking Bold Steps with Sri Latha

September 11th, 2020 | no comments

Finding Your Real Estate Strategy.

Imagine a world where one apartment could replace your salary.

After a health scare in 2010, Sri and her husband shifted their focus to real estate. They started their journey with a 12-unit investment in Dallas, Texas before focusing on the California market. After may successful traditional multifamily deals, Sri is now looking to reposition hotels into multifamily communities.

Sri Latha joins John Carney today in The Real Estate Locker Room to discuss her strategy for real estate success.

Key Points:

  1. Hard Money Lending- high interest rates but accessible.
  2. Strategies that work for California: Cash for Keys. ADUs. Layout Changes.
    1. Cash for keys: the current tenant will receive a mutually agreed upon sum in exchange for leaving the rent control unit.
    2. ADU: adding “in law unit” to the property.
    3. Layout Changes: converting small spaces into larger living area.
  3. BRRRR: Buy, Renovate, Rent, Refinance and Repeat.
  4. Don’t spread yourself too thin.

Favorite Books:

  Pro tips:

  • Go one step deeper than where the average investor goes.
  • Ask a lot of questions. 

Reach Out to Sri Latha

Thank you Sri for taking the time to share your strategy for profitable real estate investing in California and creating passive income with the audience.

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