Real estate investors and businesses large and small seeking to gain an edge have a powerful ally – John Carney. The self-driven author, real estate developer and entrepreneur has real life experience operating in both the United States and Australia. John thrives on demystifying real estate for those new to investing.

John’s message to investors is simple; “Real estate is a team sport. Investors who recruit their ‘A- team’ and work on building core relationships are better positioned to win the real estate game.”

John believes that you must lead by example – lead from the front. His call of duty is to help other people realize their dreams and accelerate their wealth through real estate. John leverages his real life story to educate and inspire audiences with his approach to real estate investing and wealth creation.




Every attendee will leave inspired, empowered, and motivated to put what they’ve learned into practice.


John doesn’t have a ‘one-size- fits-all’ approach to speaking; every presentation is tailored to meet your specific needs.


John is not a talking head, but instead he’s an engaging communicator.


John has the ability to modify his style depending on his target audience.  He’s as comfortable presenting to a group of aspiring mom and dad investors as he is to a group of CEOs and senior executives from the financial services industry.


John’s super easy to work with – he’s low maintenance and he doesn’t have a complete melt down when things don’t go according to plan.

  POPULAR KEYNOTE: It’s A Team Sport – Nobody achieves success on their own

High performers and professionals such as real estate investors, entrepreneurs, leaders and athletes all have high performing teammates who back them up. Nobody achieves a high level of success on his or her own.

In this presentation, John offers his unique approach to recruiting your team and achieving success in the business of real estate. He will share with you his approach and 5 Step Method – The Wealth Accelerator.


“Looking for a speaker who is not in your face but one who provides a relevant insight into some of the key fundamentals we often take for granted in business? We had the pleasure of having John Carney present to our network of business owners at a recent State Conference. John provided something different from the conventional speakers we listen to in our industry. From the moment he spoke John was able to engage with the audience and has a clever way of combining life stories and analogies that help drive the key messages. I would certainly recommend John as a keynote speaker at your next conference or forum.”
George Sattout, LJ Hooker
Victoria & Tasmania State Manager, Australia

“John has one of the magnetic speaking styles that hooks you in, from the minute he opens his mouth. His greatest asset is his ability to weave powerful stories, analogies and metaphors into his presentations, thus making his content ‘feel more real’ to those in the audience. If you’re looking for a keynote speaker for your next conference, that delivers a valuable combination of education and entertainment (edu-tainment), you can’t look past John Carney!”
Kylie Bartlett – Speaker, Author, Mentor
Melbourne, Australia

“I had the pleasure of hearing John speak at the launch of Real Estate Is A Team Sport. Now I’ve heard a LOT of property experts in my time, but John’s genuine passion for helping people grow their personal wealth through real estate using a proven formula really stood out. John’s presentation style perfectly complements his simple yet powerful process for creating wealth through property. His charisma shines through, and the entire audience (myself included) soaked up the nuggets of gold peppered throughout his presentation. If you’re looking for a warm, engaging presenter for your next event that will deliver the goods, you can’t do better than John Carney.”
Jason Cunningham – small business growth expert and author of ‘Have Your Cake and Sell It Too’
Melbourne, Australia



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