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JC 059: Transition to the Multi-Family Game with Sterling White

January 23rd, 2019 | no comments

Level up your real estate game

: Transition to the Multi-Family Game with Sterling WhiteSterling White is a real estate investor and co-founder of SyndicationPro, an affordable and efficient real estate funding software built to attract capital and manage multifamily investors on one platform. Sterling sold over 100 single-family properties before transitioning to multi-family. His business Holdfolio currently owns 300 plus units across the United States.

Sterling joins John Carney today in The Real Estate Locker Room to share his real estate investment experience. He tells the story of how he transitioned from investing in houses to apartment buildings. Sterling emphasizes the importance of follow-up and explains why you must follow-up when either buying or selling. Don’t miss Sterling’s pro tips on how to build a seller’s list, how to hire your team and how to outsource your work. Tune into and don’t miss out on Sterling’s sage advice for cold-calling strategies and how to prepare for rejection.


Five Key Points:

  1. The secret to success in real estate is the follow-up.
  2. If you’re not on top of your game, someone else will crush you.
  3. Don’t be afraid to hire an assistant to do the bulk of the work for you.
  4. Find people who complement your weaknesses.
  5. Do not fall in love with deals. Your mind might try to make a lousy deal work.

Favorite Athlete:

  • Tom Brady, NFL Superstar

Favorite Books:

Pro tip:

  • You have to make a few mistakes on a small level so you won’t make them on a big level.

Resources Mentioned:

Reach Out to Sterling White:

Thank you Sterling for taking the time to share your expert advice on multi-family deals and cold calling.

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