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JC 057: Know Your Tax Advantages with Craig Cody

December 20th, 2018 | no comments

Always Hire an Accountant First

Always Hire an Accountant FirstCraig Cody is a CPA and the President and Founder of Craig Cody & Company Inc., a tax service company that help business clients with tax planning as well as off site CFO services. His practice is deeply rooted in tax planning specifically in finding ways to legally reduce client’s tax liabilities and let them keep more of what they earn. His excellence in the field has earned him the title of Certified Tax Coach, a select group of practitioners who undergo extensive training and continued tax planning education and strategies.

Craig Cody joins John Carney in the Real Estate Locker Room today to share all of the good financial reasons why hiring a great accountant (CPA) will give your company earnings a boost. He dispels the myth about how the fees for accountants are too high for the extra income you get. Craig provides the important questions that you have to ask your accountant and why. Learn why constant communication is a priority, not just with your accountant, but with your entire team in regards to tax planning. You won’t want to miss Craig’s “ten most expensive mistakes” that cost business owners thousands.

Five Key Points:

  1. People tend to look at their accountant as an expense item. When used correctly, accountants will be an income item.
  2. Your accountant should be saving you more money than what you are paying them in fees.
  3. Accountants should be the first people you hire for your business.
  4. If you are not going to document you are looking for trouble.
  5. Always look to make friends. Give people a reason to like you.


Favorite Athletes:

Favorite Sports:

  • Training and exercise

Favorite Books:

Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business by Gino Wickman

Pro tip:

  • Marketing and prospecting is like breathing. If you stop, you die.

Reach Out to Craig Cody:

Thank you Craig for taking the time to share your thoughts on why accountants are a key player for your business.

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