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JC 054: Being Better Than You Were Yesterday with Ross Stryker

November 8th, 2018 | no comments

Real Estate, Routine and Financial Freedom

: Being Better Than You Were Yesterday Ross Stryker is the CEO at Smart Asset Opportunities (SAO), a business that teaches clients how to gain wealth and financial freedom through proper education and sound financial advice. Ross served in the military for 12 years and has 20 years of experience running a private orthodontic practice.

Ross’ investments include over 40 single-family homes, a coffee farm in Panama, apartment complexes, and ownership in a resort in Belize. He advocates for investments outside of the stock markets and his continued success in real estate as an asset class is proof of concept.

Ross steps into the Locker Room to share the idea that everyone should be constantly thinking about how to achieve their version of financial freedom. Ross reveals his pro tips on getting started in the real estate game, scaling your existing business, and how to maximize your time. He describes his life before he became an investor, what made him transition to real estate, and how he educated himself.


Five Key Points:

  1. In real estate investing, inside information is where the money is made.
  2. It’s never a good idea to be the smartest person in the room.
  3. Invest in your business. The highest return on your dollar will be in the business you know.
  4. Anyone with a prominent real estate business owes much of its success to networking and meeting new people.
  5. The answer to your retirement is to know how to create money.


Favorite Athlete:


Favorite Books:


Pro tip:

  • Any little thing that you do to make yourself better every day will build the road to your success.


Reach Out to Ross Stryker:


Thank you Ross for taking the time to share your thoughts on self-improvement and business success.


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