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JC 053: Brain Power, Habits and Real Estate with Paul Thompson

October 24th, 2018 | no comments
Your mind is the only capital required for real estate success

Paul Thomson joins me in the Locker Room to talk about how he changed the course of his life through making the right choices and having the right mindset. Paul shares the reasons why he left corporate America, the people who inspired him to become a real estate investor, and how he overcame the fear of trepidation of becoming an entrepreneur. He discusses the important lessons he learned in his journey towards success and how he applied them. Paul also explains how anyone can create a new money mindset and how you can identify your keystone habit.

Paul Thompson is a real estate investor, money expert, and wealth coach. Before becoming a full-time investor, Paul was just like the average corporate 9-5 worker. As the years passed by, what started as routine and ordinary became suffocating. By 2015 Paul wanted out and decided he’d had enough of working to make someone else rich.

After stepping away form his corporate gig, Paul connected with people who served as the inspiration for entering the business of buying and selling properties. Paul had doubts at first due to lack of capital, but quickly learned that the only capital you need is your brain. Once Paul fixed his mindset, everything just fell into place. Paul’s new mindset lead him to close 20 deals during his first 18 months in the real estate game.

Five Ways To Create A New Money Mindset:

  1. Separate time from money
  2. Switch from looking for piles of money to streams of money.
  3. Value is subjective.
  4. You don’t want more money, but you want what money can do for you.
  5. You have plenty of money for all the things you truly want.

Five Key Points:

  1. Doing nothing is still a choice, so choose better.
  2. You don’t need institutional funds to buy real estate.
  3. Aim to build passive income that exceeds your living expenses.
  4. You might be onto something when people start paying you for what you know,.
  5. You must have the intellectual capital to find great deals.

Favorite Athlete:

  • Tom Brady NFL quarterback for the New England Patriots

Favorite Sports:

  • Basketball

Favorite Books:

Pro tip:

  • Identify your keystone habit. It’s the habit that gets you going for the whole day.

Reach Out to Paul Thompson:

  • Email:

Thank you Paul for taking the time to share your thoughts how to create a new money mindset.

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