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JC 052: Building a Turnkey Investment Empire with Ali Boone

October 10th, 2018 | no comments

The ultimate guide to turnkey real estate investing

Ali Boone is a real estate investor and founder of Hipster Investments, a company that plays the role of “matchmaker” and serves to connect buyers and sellers in the turnkey rental property industry. When you hire Hipster, they will make sure that you receive accurate advice and locate the best property for your budget. Ali is a true real estate entrepreneur and has written over 170 articles for Bigger Pockets and sold over 200 copies of her Turnkey Rental Properties 101 eBook.

Ali worked as an aerospace engineer prior to pivoting into a career as a full time real estate investor. Despite the exciting job description, the life of a 9-5 worker just wasn’t cutting it for Ali. She began investing in turnkey investment properties on the side as both a hobby and a way to earn extra income. As Ali’s side gig grew, others took note, so she started a referral business that eventually paved the way to Hipster Investments.

Ali Boone steps into the Real Estate Locker Room to share how she managed to shift from working in the corporate world to becoming a full time real estate investor. Ali reveals the story of what made her quit the corporate life, how she prepared to exit her full time job and challenges she faced during her first days as an investor. She talks about the benefits of turnkey real estate, how Hipster Investments operates and what value that she offers to customers. Don’t miss out on Ali’s pro tips for those wanting to get their feet wet with turnkey property investments.

Five Key Points:

  1. Work with the middlemen. They don’t charge anything and you get expert advice.
  2. Struggling is part of the process of being successful.
  3. The real estate game is not always roses and rainbows.
  4. Only connect people to deals and companies you can trust.
  5. In connecting buyers and sellers, being a friendly face helps facilitate a smooth transaction.

Favorite Athlete:

  • Pat Summitt –  WNBA coach

Favorite Sports:

  • Basketball, Softball, Rugby, Rowing, Tee-Ball

Favorite Book:

Pro tip:

  • Never look back, no matter how stressful your dream job gets.

Reach Out to Ali Boone:

Thank you Ali for taking the time to share your expert advice on how to get started in turnkey investments.

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