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JC 050: The 50 Episode Recap with Kirk Lintern

September 5th, 2018 | no comments

The common threads of success in 50 Episodes

Kirk Lintern and host John Carney take a look back at some of the highlights of the first 49 episodes of The Real Estate Locker Room Show.

Kirk Lintern is the President of the Lintern Corporation, an air conditioning business that pioneered the severe-duty air conditioning industry over seventy years ago. Lintern Corporation sells and services the primary metal industry, mining, utilities, chemical processing plants, and other large scale industries in over sixty countries. Kirk joins us in the locker room for this 50th episode special to interview me, your host John Carney.

Kirk dives into some of the lesser-covered topics in real estate and fires away with his unanswered questions relating to the first 49 episodes. I share my thoughts on strategies like AirBnB; why I think they are viable and scalable, and how they disrupt the big hotel industries. We also explore the important aspects of who to hire when starting out and how to scale your real estate investing business. This special episode highlights the common threads of success that I have learned from all of my previous guests.


Five Key Points:

  1. A good partner and a good mentor are the key ingredients to success.
  2. The single family home is the logical starting point in real estate.
  3. Real estate is a viable and scalable business.
  4. You should be able to recruit an A-Team in any market regardless of where you live..
  5. There’s always a problem to solve and problems are generally opportunities to improve.


Favorite Athletes:

  • Kirk – Bo Jackson, American Baseball and Football player
  • John – Tony Hawk – Pro Skater; Kelly Slater- Pro Surfer


Favorite Sports:

  • Hockey, skateboarding, surfing & skiing


Favorite Book:


Pro tip:

  • When scaling, what you really need first is a great partner.


Reach Out to Kirk Lintern:


Thank you everyone for tuning in to this special 50th episode of The Real Estate Locker Room Show.

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