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JC 046: How to Own Your Business with Joe Evangelisti

July 6th, 2018 | no comments

Your business must be able to operate without you

Joe Evangelisti is the founder of The Flip King podcast that serves to improve the skills of both new and veteran investors as well as Operator to Owner, a platform that allows business owners to sign up for seminars, mentorship programs, leadership courses and training.

Joe has flipped over a thousand houses and is no stranger to seven-figure contracts. He couldn’t have done it by himself and credits his team for enabling him to succeed in ways that he would never have been able to attain had he continued to work solo.

In this episode, Joe dives into what it takes to elevate your business to the highest level. He shares his experience as a solopreneur and why he eventually formed a team. Joe explains the importance of taking the leap on their first hire and how that person will greatly impact the way you run your business. He also provides pro tips and strategies on what to look for in a new employee and how to get yourself in the productivity zone every day.

Five Key Points:

  1. Your business must be able to operate without you.
  2. Don’t be afraid to take a risk on someone or invest in the right people.
  3. Hiring employees can help you work on the business instead of within business.
  4. Each company grows differently; there’s no cookie-cutter system that helps every business scale successfully.
  5. The right employee should double or triple what you’re paying them within the first three months.

Favorite Team:

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Pro tip:

  • Wake up early, have a morning routine, and get yourself ready for the day ahead.

Reach Out to Joe Evangelisti:

Thank you Joe for taking the time to share your expertise on how to transition from business operator to business owner.

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