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Learn to Earn with The Cashflow Guys

November 18th, 2016 | no comments

Cashflow is King

I was recently invited to be a guest on the The Cashflow Guys podcast by host Tyler Sheff.

Click below and tune into our interview

Show notes:

In this episode, we learned that America Property Source was built as a turnkey provider that allows the overseas investor to “pick from the menu” of real estate service providers.  Due to soaring property prices in Australia, it is difficult if not almost impossible to invest for cash flow.  Situations such as this often cause the investing community to look elsewhere for opportunity.

John’s book, Real Estate Is A Team Sport. The 9 Players You Need to Profit  serves well as a desk reference for me (Tyler) in keeping me on point with strategies to build my team and improve my resources for my clients.  The book is a step by step blueprint to finding, screening and then making selections based on the person who is the “right fit” for your team.  The good fit is someone who you get to be stuck on a plane ride with for a long time that only felt like a short trip upon reaching your destination.

In the book, John discusses the value (and mindset) in hiring skilled professionals to help you build your portfolio.  He goes on to say how shopping by price should not matter initially, instead find someone whose personality is compatible with yours.

An example is used regarding the author using an attorney to help structure a deal and to help avoid pitfalls even during the negotiation process.  The mindset shift was an eye-opening way of thinking for me.

Tyler’s a Florida based real estate investor who educates his clients on the true freedoms of passive income and cashflow opportunities.

Check out to learn more about Tyler and make sure to follow him on Facebook.

Invest well,

John Carney

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