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JC 039: Success is Contagious with Sherri Johnson

February 14th, 2018 | no comments

What is your value proposition?

Sherri Johnson is a dynamic, high-energy expert in real estate agent management, brokerage coaching and consulting. Her 21-year career reads like a highlight real and includes being a top-producing agent (top 25 of 1700), a successful manager, regional vice president and executive with a national top 5 broker.

Sherri has been athlete all of her life. Growing up she competed in a variety of sports including softball, basketball, swimming and golf. Sherri credits athletic competition for teaching the leadership skills that she applies in her professional life daily. Today Sherri says running is her primary source of fitness, meditation and inspiration and claims her thoughts during runs produce some of her brightest ideas and strategies.

In this episode, Sherri shares her top tips for hiring the perfect agent for you. She describes her experience in sourcing agents in a new market and explains what type of agent all investors should have on their team.

3 Hot Tips For Sourcing The Right Agent:

  • The market’s ripe for investing; you must have a real strategy and a plan.
  • Top listing agents know about properties before they hit the market.
  • Don’t rule out any particular price points.

Five Key Points:

  1. A team sport experience can give you the ability to be a leader.
  2. Together everyone achieves more when everyone is working together.
  3. Find someone in the mortgage industry that is well versed to set up loans for you.
  4. Going out and actually talking to people to establish a network is a lost art.
  5. Personal relationships are meant to be personal.

Favorite Sport:

  • Running

Favorite Athlete:

Favorite book:

Pro tip:

  • As an investor, there is value in what the real estate agent is doing.

Reach Out to Sherri Johnson:

Thank you Sherri for taking the time to share your expertise on how to find the right agent for your real estate business.

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