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JC 032 How Major League Sports Deliver Cash Flow with Tom Chase

November 22nd, 2017 | no comments

Why Real Estate Investors Are Eyeing Cleveland

Why Real Estate Investors Are Eyeing ClevelandTom Chase has over 30 years’ experience in the financial services sector. Now he’s part of the team at the Shoreway Realty Group, an elite firm that prioritizes you and your real estate goals. Their services include traditional brokerage, providing investment opportunities, as well as Shoreway Property Management and construction. Tom’s responsibilities as part of the Shoreway Realty Group include financial analysis, investor relations and identifying client goals and risk tolerances. He also assists with strategic management and is in charge of marketing, communications, and project funding.

Tom is considered an expert in the Cleveland market. He says the city is currently experiencing a rise in valuations, citing the success of professional sports team as one of the main drives. The low cost of living and abundant cash flow opportunities are leading both new and veteran investors to Cleveland to either start or add to their portfolio.

Five Key Points:

  1. Cleveland is a great cash flow market and is perfect for newbie investors as well as those looking to add to their portfolio.
  2. We can’t underestimate what successful sports team do for property values in any state or city.
  3. Keep an eye out on properties with little equity, but only need some attention to turn into a great investment.
  4. Knowing the tenants in your client’s properties allows you to protect your assets.
  5. Property management in any market, local or not, is where it all rests at the end of the day.


Favorite Athlete:

  • Jim Thorpe – American athlete and Olympic gold medalist
  • His father for teaching him how to play ball in high school and college.

Favorite book:

Pro tip:

  • When you get up and do your daily tasks, set your mind to always be proactive and avoid being reactive.

Reach Out to Tom Chase:

Thank you Tom for taking the time to share your expertise on financial analysis, the Cleveland real estate market and investor relations.

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