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How to Start a New Company from Scratch

October 28th, 2015 | no comments

The ‘Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever’ Show

Check out my interview with the one and only Joe Fairless who invited me to be a Best Ever guest his the ‘Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever’ show. We talk about my book, Real Estate is a Team Sport The 9 Player You Need To Profit and how I successfully close deals in both the USA and Australia.

Joe’s digs deep and we pop the hood on how I founded America Property Source to help out Australian investors who want to buy USA real estate. America Property Source launched with a small network and a ton of hustle. I was able to successfully scale by focusing on helping others.

Enjoy the interview!


Show notes & John Carney’s real estate background:

  • Active real estate investor and developer in the United States and Australia
  • He moved to Melbourne, Australia in 2009 and founded America Property Source to enable Australians to invest in US real estate
  • In 2013 he developed properties in Geelong and the surrounding Surf Coast
  • Author of the book Real Estate is a Team Sport
  • Say hi to him at 

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Invest well,

John Carney


Not Another Business Show interviews John Carney

July 31st, 2015 | no comments

It’s Not What You Know, It’s Who You Associate With

Tracy Sheen asked me to participate on a panel of experts for her podcast “Not Another Business Show”. Tracy’s the founder of Daunted 2 Done which delivers strategic direction, project management and clarity to business owners.

In this interview, Tracy and I talk about why it’s important to have goals, surround yourself with like minded people and continue to learn.

Author Jim Rohn said “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” This quote formed the basis of my conversation with this weeks experts.

In this episode we discuss everything from how to attract a mentor and why you should have a mentor. The value of accountability groups along with the importance of surrounding yourself with the ‘right’ kind of people.



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A big thanks to this weeks experts:

Australia’s #1 Small Business Author and all round Mr nice guy Andrew Griffiths
Our Forensic Accountant Elizabeth Camillo
John Carney from America Property Source
Kristian Mahony The Retail Guy
Oksana Korikova from Imperro
Matt Dunstan from Rising Tide Ventures
Wendy Pavey from Executive Brand
and Naren Sinnathamby from Springfield Land Corporation

Enjoy the show!

John Carney





The Bond Appetit Podcast interview

June 10th, 2015 | no comments

Maximizing investment benefits, USA Real Estate, Living to Eat, Bulletproof coffee, and Sustaining your Focus


Top Brisbane chef and entrepreneur Ronsley Vaz recently interviewed me for his show the Bond Appetit Podcast. Ronsley asked me questions about how America Property Source began, my relationship with food and how I make everything come together.

Check out the interview by clicking the “play” icon below.



Things that we talk about in this episode

  • America Property Source born 2010
  • Food in Abundance
  • Living to Eat
  • How a Love story led to John’s career destiny
  • 2008 economic crash
  • Real estate development
  • 6 month visa spent exercising
  • Differences between America and Australian
  • Why you should live in a new country and learn about a new culture
  • Foreign bailouts
  • Teams of property managers, bankers, insurance agents, and tax experts
  • Maximize the benefits of investment
  • How real estate is a team sport
  • Track records for business
  • Australians to invest safely in USA Real Estate
  • Why this isn’t for everyone
  • Importance of the age range 35-45
  • Payday loans and Predatory lending
  • Differences in fiscal policies
  • Understanding the market and business from the inside-out
  • Food for fuel
  • Sustaining your focus
  • Get excited about dinner
  • Bulletproof coffee

You will find more show notes here –

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Enjoy the Show!

John Carney



Work Hard. Play Hard. Profit Hard.

April 22nd, 2015 | no comments


John Carney blog

photo by Adrian Wlodarczyk

“Work hard play hard” means different things to different people. I’m a full throttle type of person, who’s off switch is permanently disabled. I was raised to work hard and along the way I learned how to work smart.

I don’t believe in “get rich quick” to build real wealth or “magic pills” for rapid weight loss. I believe in hard work…preferably something that you enjoy doing and take total satisfaction from. Most people are not living their dream. I’ll bet you the world that if you are willing to work hard you’ll get to where you want to be quicker than you will by simply wishing for a better tomorrow.

Hard Work

  • Be committed – When you make a commitment to a goal, a job, a project or to people, do your best until you accomplish your objective. Don’t let setbacks and obstacles deter you. Show up every day.
  • Lead by example – No entrepreneur, athlete or investor achieves high levels of success on their own. They build teams, lead by example and work when nobody’s looking. Hard workers do what they say they will do.
  • Don’t fear failure – Hard workers don’t accept that something cannot be done. They don’t complain. Hard workers’ learn form their mistakes and get right back in the game. This can be painful and suck but that’s how the winner steadily ascends to the top.
  • Help others along the way – I’ve never heard a hard workers say they don’t have time to help someone else out. Hard workers are givers, not takers. They understand that givers gain.
  • Never quit – Remember that quitting lasts forever. Learning from a failure or a bad experience will only make you stronger if you keep moving forward. Everyone on the planet experiences set backs and losses in life. Hard workers play through the pain and charge forward.


We all require a balance in our lives between what earns us the money to live and what challenges us outside of our “professions”. I like to ski, surf, mountain bike and crossfit. One more run, a longer wave, a faster climb or a new pb. Whatever your passion is Play It Hard.

Play Hard

  • Have fun – Life is way too short to not spend your free time enjoying yourself. Playing hard mean having fun! Cultivate you passions. There are other people out there who share your enthusiasm for “X,” so join the tribe.
  • Improve – Playing hard requires a commitment to improve. Take it to the next level with lessons or surrounding yourself with people who are better than you. Practice.
  • Involve others – Include others in your activities and help those who aren’t as skilled as you become better.


Don’t make the mistake by believing that money buys happiness. The dollar signs and things you must have will always be out of reach if that’s the case. Investors and businesses exist to make a profit. When I think of profit I also think of growth, which is more dynamic.

Profit Hard

  • Positive results – This means a satisfactory target was achieved, you are more skilled in your craft and you had fun along the way.
  • Integrity – You have to set and maintain a standard of practice that will make others want to work with. Profit and respect are both earned. There has to be a benefit other than money. Customers, clients, and partners have to benefit from the transaction.
  • Growth – You have to keep growing whatever you are involved with. Step by step to the bigger deals and the bigger returns.

For me the payoffs for working hard are the great experiences that I’m fortunate to share with my family and friends. If you don’t like what you’re doing, change direction now.

I want to enjoy spending time with the people I work and play with. It’s my mission in life to surround myself with hard charging, fun loving people. Life’s too short for negative vibes and haters. When the profits are banked, I want to share with my family and friends. Then get back in the game.

Are you working hard, playing hard and profiting hard in your life? What steps can you take right now to get that next deal off the ground?

Invest well,

John Carney

The Spartan Investor

March 9th, 2015 | no comments
“The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way” –Marcus Aurelius

The Spartan Investor blog postEntrepreneurs, investors and athletes are my kind of people. The successful ones are all driven – they wake up early, are prepared to work hard(er) and are forever overcoming obstacles to play at a high level. I believe that in life and business we must test ourselves in order to truly measure our performance.

Desperately needing a physical outdoor challenge in the lead up to the big 40, I signed up for the Melbourne Super Spartan Race. Since I hang out with awesome people, four of my friends decided to join me. The common thread amongst us is that we’re all entrepreneurs and small business owners.

I’d run other obstacle before and keep myself tuned up with CrossFit. Was I fit enough? The only way to know for sure was to show up and race. Here are 5 ways to Spartan Up;

Spartan Up – Take action

It turns out that obstacle races and owning a business have quite a few similarities. At a basic level, it takes consistent action and energy to be a successful in business and to cross the finish line of a Spartan Race. You can reframe that to mean hard work. You will not cross the finish line unless you are willing to put in the effort required to conquer each obstacle. Are you taking enough action?

Spartan Up – Identify your weakness

We all have room to improve some where in our lives, in our business endeavors or our personal lives. The obstacles that I thought would be easy I failed in frustration. The penalty for failure – 30 burpees. The course is designed to expose your weakness and that is confronting for most people. To grow we must identify our weaknesses and takes steps to improve. Have recent obstacles exposed weak points in your business?

Spartan Up – Prepare

I also encountered the reverse scenario – the obstacles that I preconceived to be the most difficult, turned out to be my favorite and no problem. My physical training paid off and I was prepared. Have you ever become involved in a project that you thought would be difficult only to find out that all of your experience made it seamless?

Spartan Up – Face your fear

Sometimes you have to simply “go for it” which holds true for growing a business as well as attacking an obstacle course. Fear will cripple some business owners and racers to the point where they simply will not take any action. If you quit you don’t finish. If fear is holding you back from moving forward on the next deal then you have to Spartan Up. Face the fear and conquer the obstacle that’s confronting you. You will never know how far you can push yourself until you are challenged. During the Spartan Race there was temporary pain but total satisfaction in crossing the finish line. Is fear holding you back from achieving more?

Spartan Up – Teamwork

You are never alone during a Spartan Race. There are other competitors around you the entire time. Even if you’re a solo racer, there are hands available to help you navigate any obstacle that is hindering your progress towards the finish line. Successful entrepreneurs understand this well. They surround themselves with a team and ask for help when obstacles they can’t overcome alone halt their progress. Who do you turn to for assistance when your path is obstructed?

We all have obstacles that are challenging us right now and others unforeseen that will just appear when we least expect it. The Spartan Race community consists of achievers who are willing to face and conquer their fears. When you commit to something you have to make it to the finish line. To “Spartan Up” means that you accept the challenge. You find the courage to keep going.

Embrace the Spartan mentality and thrive in your life. We must face new challenges as they come and grow stronger as a result of defeating them. Max DeLacy, CEO of Spartan Race Australia, told me that even the top three elite competitors fail at least one obstacle per race and have to pay the burpee penalty. This reaffirms that there is never victory without the struggle. What obstacles are impeding your progress today? Take action now, defeat that obstacle and cross the finish line.

Invest well,

John Carney


3 Super Bowl Lessons I’m Sharing with my Son

February 3rd, 2015 | 1 comment


(c) Can Stock PhotoThe final game of the NFL season didn’t disappoint him either. And what an ending, even if you have no allegiance to either team! (Cleveland fan, enough said).

Later that night I thought about what lessons I had learned watching this year’s Super Bowl and how professional sports relate to everyday life. Here are three takeaways that I will be sharing with my son. They apply to all of us, especially entrepreneurs and business leaders.

1) It’s not over until the final whistle blows. You have to play to win while there is still time on the clock. We know that all of the players who make it to the Super Bowl are top athletes and dedicated professionals. However, the Patriots played to win, even when Seattle was about to score and time was running out. New England corner back Malcolm Butler certainly stayed focused on the task at hand and intercepted the ball that lead to his team clinching the Championship with only seconds to spare.

Son, when you are down and it appears the game is over you have to stay focused.

2) Leaders take ownership of their calls. Pete Carroll made the call to throw the ball that resulted in his teams defeat and owned his decision. Why didn’t he run the ball said the armchair quarterbacks and the talking heads of the sports media. NFL fans will all have their opinion but the person who has to wear that decision forever is the leader who made it. It’s just a quick lesson in leadership from a champion coach who’s play call didn’t go as planned. Interestingly enough, on field leader and quarterback Russell Wilson also blamed himself for the interception.

Son, hindsight is 20/20. Take ownership of your unpopular calls and learn from your mistakes. Winners work hard and never quit.

3) The plays that kept me on the edge of my seat during the contest came from two rookie competitors who were playing in the Super Bowl because of their hard work ethic. Malcolm Butler was an undrafted free agent who was an invited tryoutprospect for the Patriots and considered a long shot for making the roster last spring. However, Butler showed up, worked hard every practice and earned himself a position on the winning team.

Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Chris Matthews was undrafted out of college, failed to keep a position with the Cleveland Browns in 2011, and even played as short stint in the Canadian Football League before ending up selling shoes at Footlocker. Matthews joined the Seahawks toward the end of the season and hadn’t made a NFL catch before the Super Bowl. However, Matthews worked hard and prepared himself every day at practice. Chris caught a 44-yard pass that led to an 11-yard touchdown reception in the second quarter. His never give up attitude helped him overcome major obstacles that lead to him playing for a Super Bowl Championship in front of America’s largest audience.

Son, never doubt your ability.

Entrepreneurs and business leaders have to be resilient and adaptable. So do 1 year olds that are exploring their new world and learning to walk. Thank you Super Bowl for entertaining me far from home and providing real life lessons for me to pass along to my son when he understands the ‘game’ some day.

Invest well,

John Carney