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An Aussie’s Guide to Investing in US Real Estate

January 9th, 2016 | no comments

Building Your Real Estate A-Team

Reed Goossens is an Aussie living the ‘America Dream’ in LA as a multifamily investor. His team of professional apartment operators provide investors a opportunity to earn a solid return on their money backed by real estate. A mutual friend recommended that we connect and trade notes about Australian’s investing in USA real estate.

I was honored when Reed approached me to be a guest on his show aimed at educating Australian property investors who want to break into the US real estate market and profit. On episode 004 of Investing In The US! An Aussie’s Guide to US Real Estate we talk about why I founded America Property Source to enable Australians to safely invest in USA real estate and my book, Real Estate Is A Team Sport. The 9 Player You Need To Profit. 

Tune in and enjoy the show!

Show Notes:

Real Estate Is A TEAM Sport!
Learn the steps to recruiting the right team to position you for success.
Build key relationships with the people you meet.
Never stop learning, develop and continue to grow your financial education.

John Carney’s the author of the real estate investing book, Real Estate Is A Team Sport. The 9 Players You Need to Profit

REMEMBER –  The same team members  apply wherever you invest in real estate; in your backyard, out of state, or internationally. First recruit your A-team and develop your systems.

QUOTE – “You can make money by accident, but you can’t create long term wealth by accident” – Grant Cardone

Take Action! – the smart way is to build the right team of industry professionals to support you in making good decisions.

The American Property Source 5 Step Method for real estate investing:
1) Discovery: Understanding the investors story and their ‘why’; why they want to own bricks and mortar?
2) Structure: The best legal entity to own USA real estate and how to maximize the legitimate tax benefits.
3) Source : Find the deal that fits your budget.
4) Measure : Understand how to run an asset and measure the return.
5) Grow: Be in a position to scale up!

Invest well,

John Carney


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