John CarneyThank you for visiting my “About” page! My name’s John Carney and I’m a real estate entrepreneur, author and speaker. I’m also a husband, father and athlete.

I’m at my best exploring the intersection of challenge and lifestyle. Real estate investment is how I make a living and the mountains, oceans and wilderness is where I choose to play. Both challenge me and that’s how I grow.

I draw upon my past experiences as an entrepreneur, real estate investor, and professional ski patroller to help others avoid costly mistakes in the real estate game and grow profitable portfolios.

My early real estate wins were followed up with costly mistakes. But hey, those valuable lessons I learned in my 20’s have inspired me to help other real estate investors get in the game with a strategy to avoid painful setbacks and focus on scoring goals. I believe that you have to follow what inspires you in life. You also have to be adaptable to overcome all the obstacles that will challenge you along the way. Out of challenge comes growth.

I founded America Property Source in Melbourne, Australia in 2010 to enable Aussie investors to safely grow USA real estate portfolios. I became the master of building teams of professionals to connect and support investors. In order to share my approach with more investors I wrote the book Real Estate Is A Team Sport. The 9 Players You Need To Profit, produced the corresponding e learning course and offer my consulting services.

There are only a select few real estate investors who have real world experience in both the United States and Australia. I tap into my experiences in two very different real estate business cultures to deliver a bombproof road map to investors who want to sharpen their skills. My method is applicable globally.

I love helping others succeed. And I equally hate predatory salesmen. When I moved to Australia in 2009, there was a need for my sourcing skills and knowledge to transparently deliver USA real estate to Aussie investors.

My clients are time poor professionals who lack the knowledge, resources and time to build their team and source the best deals. I have first hand knowledge of what can go wrong when an investor naively enters a foreign real estate market in an unfamiliar country. I developed a 5-step method to deliver measurable results for my clients.

I’ve been able to meet the client’s brief 98% of the time and have a 100% closing (settlement) record for all of my clients who have signed a purchase agreement. On top of that, 3 out of 4 clients have used my services to purchase multiple properties.

My client’s rest assured knowing that they work with investors who work for investors.

Invest well,