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John Carney is a highly-­respected Thought Leader in the specialised and lucrative field of real estate investing. As a third generation property investor/developer he has achieved (and continues to build upon) his own wealth creation and lifestyle freedom. His property deals in the US, Australia and Indonesia have amassed generous profit and comprehensive international experience.

A published author and sought-after international keynote speaker, John’s popular presentation and book, Real Estate is a Team Sport. The Nine Players You Need to Profit, outlines the steps to become a smarter, more profitable property investor.

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“I had the pleasure to work alongside John for 9 years while he was a member of the Vail Ski Patrol (2000-2009). Not only did John personally exemplify the skill set of a professional ski patroller, he brought a whole new approach to how we hire and train our staff.

John recognized that our training program needed an overhaul and approached management with a new program specifically focused on both the raising the skill set of patrollers faster and also developing a more positive team culture. This shift in our training paradigm immediately created the needed change – now, 6 years later, we have minimal turnover, a more balanced staff, and a culture of support, teamwork, and engagement we had never experienced in the past.

I was sorry to see John leave yet I am happy to report that his legacy lives on. Vail Ski Patrol is recognized as one of the top patrols in the industry. Our training is efficient; our teamwork exemplary, and our guest service has never stronger.”

Brice May, Assistant Director Vail Ski Patrol - Vail, Colorado

“I was fortunate enough to meet John Carney several years ago and we quickly built up a strong rapport and friendship.  Shortly thereafter, we developed a pipeline to sell US Real Estate to Australian investors to capitalize on the current market conditions.  We have since then completed hundreds of transactions in the single family residence and multifamily arena, and John has been instrumental in all aspects of our business including the acquisition, management, leasing and sales of our assets.  He also personally invests in the US Real Estate market.    All too seldom in this business do I rarely find someone that not only has the work ethic, brains and initiative,  but most importantly has the loyalty and integrity that sums up John Carney.  I would consider him one of the pillars of my success over the last few years.  Not only have I developed a strong business relationship with John, but I have gained a friend for life.  If you are thinking about becoming successful in any part of your life or business, I would highly recommend that you include John Carney in your sphere of influence.  He is truly someone that you want on your team and I am so honored to have him on mine!”

John Williams, Managing Member, J&J Real Estate Holdings LLC - Phoenix, Arizona

“John gives my clients a meaningful message when he presents for America Property Source. He understands real estate, that’s for sure.”

Kevin Schafer, America Property Source - Melbourne, Australia

“I have worked with John Carney since 2013 personally and in this time have witnessed the professional service John offers to his clients. John’s service, communication and most importantly relationship is top class and I can vouch that he always look after their clients’ interests.”

Danny Pzeshki, Head of Dealing at AFEX - Sydney, Australia

“I’ve worked with John for a number of years. He’s proven great skill in helping investors pick profitable rental property here in the US. His systematic approach guides his clients through every step of the transaction. After the property has closed and set up with us for management, John still helps his clients. From day to day questions to larger investment questions, he’s always there to help.”

Riana King, Business Development Manager, Real Property Management Pinnacle - Scottsdale, AZ

“I have worked with John on a number of real estate transactions over the years in multiple countries.  During this time, John has become an invaluable resource providing me with investment advice and market intelligence.  John has a diverse background in real estate and is able to leverage his experience to provide sound advice to his clients.  I appreciate his straightforward approach to problem solving and ability to clearly communicate the strengths and weaknesses of a deal.”

Christopher Rhode, Director of Corporate Development and Strategy at Russ Outdoor - Moscow, Russia

“I met John Carney through my business partner John Williams in 2010. They had already been working together with Australian investors who were buying real estate here in Phoenix, Arizona. Once I got involved and had the privilege of working with John Carney I realized that he’s honest, hardworking and gets deals done. I see from my end how John Carney works hard for his clients and goes above and beyond what is needed on his end of the investors transactions. He’s has put his investors in some really great deals! is a great guy to work with and a great person to call a friend. If you are thinking of working with him in any particular form you will understand what I am talking about and I would highly recommend it.”

Joe Orlandini, Managing Member of J&J Real Estate Holdings, LLC - Phoenix, Arizona

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